Digital Assets

by Haybyte Studios


Smooths geometry deformations while preserving the original detail. mbSmoothie smooths a polygon mesh and preserves detail by displacing the points afterwards. This makes mbSmoothie the ideal operator for modeling when posing character models, and for improving the deformations of a rig. Features of a model can also be emphasized by setting a "Displace Amount" higher than 1.

Download mbSmoothie

"Very nice helper to get any rig smooth without loosing the overall look of the mesh, its a nice addition and hopefully a standart tool in houdini one day"
- Alexander, Feb. 20, 2015

Quick Copy Transform

Transforms copies from the rest points to the animated points. Copystamping can get very slow if you have a large network tree that gets evaluated on each frame. With this node you only need to evaluate the copy node on the first frame, and on all other frames the copies are transformed to match the animated points.

Download Quick Copy Transform

Fur Flow

Fur Flow is an asset for quick and easy styling of fur. It allows the artist to go back and forth between combing and using the control nulls in a non-destructive way. This asset controls the furdirection vector with control nulls, taking into account the surface normals. All control nulls can be duplicated indefinitely, so that you can easily achieve the result you want. By positioning each control null and adjusting its weight and scale, you can intuitively and precisely control the flow of the fur.

Download Fur Flow